About Smart Radios

PTT Radios without constraints

Smart Radios use a push to talk (PTT) technology called push to talk over cellular (PTToC), it's a modern technology for sending voice data accross the cellular network or internet rather than purely over the airwaves like conventional two way radios.

No Range Limitations

Smart Radios have virutally limitless range. As long as there is a mobile signal or WiFi converage you can use them to keep in communication with your colleagues. Conventional 2 way radios are mostly limited to line of site range without the use of expensive repeaters, even then the range will be limited to a geographical area.

Interference Free

Smart Radios do not suffer from interference, we've all experienced bad reception when using crackly walkie talkies. This can even be the same with professional Two Way Radios. Because smart radios are digital and they harness the power of of a cellular or Wifi Network they provide ultra high quality audio with no crackles!

Use the industries leading PTT applications

Smart radios run the Android operating system so they are directly compatible with leading PTT apps like Zello, Grouptalk or Azetti Networks PTT software. Theres also the possibility to use location and data based applications, for example job ticketing or SMS and email.

No more expensive than a pay as you go phone

Smart radios require a SIM card to connect to the mobile network, network operators are offering lower an lower prices every day and the data used for PTT applications is very low (typically below 10MB per day for heavy users). If you use a Smart Radio on a WiFi network then of course it's free!

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